We started SOUL when my Autistic son started Kindergarten. We were in a small school that took special learners like mine so he had several other students in the school with special needs. It became apparent that some kids were only getting services from the local school district and those therapists were overloaded with cases. So, we knew there was a need for more therapy and more educational help from the private sector. That's how SOUL was born...with a few parents that wanted to help all children, not just their own!

Amazing Families

Families of Special Learners really reach out and help each other with everything from an ear, to sharing an awesome resource they have found. It is an amazing group of people!

Our  Goal

Just to let all special learners live the best, happiest, most productive and fulfilling life they can!

Why Us?

Because we are small group of parents and all of the help and support we get is through volunteers, EVERY SINGLE PENNY IN DONATIONS we get goes to our kids and the programs and help they receive. We have 0% overhead or expenses.